July 14(audio only)

      June 30(audio only)

      June 16 (audio only)

      June 9 (audio only)

June 2 Church Picnic at Camp Van Es. No recording today.

      may 26 (audio only)

      May 12 Mothers Day

      May 5 Sunday Service

      March 24 (audio only)

      March 17 (audio only)

      March 10(audio only)

      March 3(audio only)

      Feb 25 (audio only)

      February 18 (audio only)

      February 11(audio only)

      February 4 Sunday Service

      January 28 (audio only)

      January 21 (audio only)

      January 7 (audio only)




















July 20 Community Church Service at Kingman. No recorded sermon

No audio recording for August 13






July 2 Sunday service video is not available. There were technical issue. Only part of the audio recording is available.




May 28 (audio only)










      Community Choir (audio only)












































November 20.2022 Sunday Sermon can be watched in the Weekly Bulletin section at the bottom of page















August 28 Community Service in Kingman with 4 churches. No recording today.





      Aug 7 Revival Sunday
(Audio only)

      Aug 6 Revival
(audio only)

      Aug 5 Revival
(audio only)

      Aug 4 Revival
(audio only)















The sermon May 22 has personal information so the sermon can be seen at the bottom of the bulletins in the prayer and praise section.


























































































      Nov 7 Ordination Sunday(audio only)






























Back to School interview video are under bulletins. Go to Bulletins and scroll down to the school students interview with Lonnie.





















































      May 9 Mother's Day Service (audio only)
































































December 27 – No Sunday Service