Salem’s Reopening Plan:

– We plan to reopen for church services on June 21; the service will be from 10am to 11am. No           Sunday school.

– Stay home if you feel sick or are symptomatic, stay home if you are worried about getting sick, we still plan to record the service and put it on CD and the website.

– We plan to broadcast the service over the radio so you can come to church and listen to the service over your car radio

– Use the main doors only for entry and exit

– The use of face masks is encouraged

– Keep 2m distance between yourself and people not in your family. Avoid shaking hands and  hugging, use good hand hygiene, cough or sneeze into your elbow and spread out in the sanctuary, the pews will be marked where you can sit.

– We will have some singing, but consider humming along, singing softly or wearing a mask as singing is considered a risky activity

– Instead of taking up the offering by passing the plates around there will be a bucket on the back table

– After the service you are encouraged to exit the building as quickly as possible

– We will take all the necessary precautions the Alberta Health recommends because we want to be able to open up but we’ll respect your decision to attend or to not attend.

The purpose of the Salem Congregation is to foster and promote a living faith in God and to minister in the Spirit of Christ to spiritual, social, and physical needs in our community and in the world.